Term 1 Exposition writing

In term 1 we learnt about developing an argument both verbally and written. We did weekly debates on some very interesting topics which helped us to learn the structure and language used when trying to persuade an audience.

We also learnt how to write an exposition including the use of hyperbole, rhetorical questions, connective words, thinking verbs, evaluative language and modal verbs to make it more effective.

Check out individual student’s blogs to see a sample of the writing we did.


year 6-7 plays!

In term 2, 2014, year 6/7’s at HPS are putting together three amazing plays.

Room 12 are presenting “The Pied Piper of Hamilton, a Question of Rats”.

Room 10 are showcasing “A Right Royal Mess”.

Our class, Room 13 will be performing “The Fourth Princess”.

We have put a lot of work and preparation into our amazing plays and we are extremely excited to perform for the many devoted family and friends who will be coming to watch us finally perform them.

special thanks to everyone who has helped us present our wonderful performances. Mrs Sankauskas, Mrs Shepherdson, Pam Thompson, Nina, and, of course, Geoff Bamber, who wrote the script for our awesome presentation.

We will be performing at Blackwood Memorial Hall on Wednesday this week.

Our Wetland Model Experiment

For the last week we have been in groups making a model of a wetlands. The model wetlands are meant to show how wetlands work. We mixed dirt, sand and water as our sediments and pollutants. We used sponges as our filters which are rocks, reeds, branches and other natural blockades. We used a hot glue gun to stick the sponges down on to the models wetland. Then some groups put sand around the model wetland. Next we made the dirty water and poured it in our model wetlands and watched the sponges filter the water. At the end we got some water from the wetland expriment and compared to the water we started off with. We were amazed how much the sponges worked. Here some photos:

:IMG_2064 IMG_2065 IMG_2066 - Copy IMG_2068 - Copy IMG_2069 - Copy IMG_2071 - Copy IMG_2072 - Copy IMG_2074 - Copy IMG_2075 - Copy IMG_2076 - Copy IMG_2077 - Copy IMG_2078 - Copy IMG_2079 - Copy IMG_2081 - Copy IMG_2082 - Copy IMG_2084 - Copy IMG_2086 - Copy IMG_2087 - Copy

Tree Houses

Over the past few weeks we have been designing a Tree House for  Technology. We started by drawing designs for a tree house we would like to have in our back yard. We then planned how we were going to build a model of this.

Last week we  made, then poured, plaster of paris into a small container. This will be the base for our tree house. We then placed our stick into the plaster before it set. We had to hold our stick still until the plaster was hard enough to support the stick.

Our next stage was to make up the walls and floor using pop sticks and PVA glue. Here are some photos of us working on our tree houses.IMG_1981 IMG_1982 IMG_1983 IMG_1984

100 Word Challenge

Are you ready for a challenge? A 100 word challenge?

If the answer is yes then read on.

The 100 Word Challenge is a fortnightly creative writing challenge for you. I’ll give you a prompt, which sometimes is a picture or a series of individual words and the challenge is to use up to 100 words to write a creative piece. Each story must include the prompt and please highlight the prompt in your writing. Your story should be posted on our class blogs.

Each challenge starts off with a prompt, here is this fortnight’s

…  3, 2, 1, jump …

I would really like you to use your imaginations and perhaps not go down the blood and gore route.

Happy writing. I’m really looking forward to reading some stories soon.

Mrs Shep

Room 13’s Assembly

On Wednesday, Week 4  Room 13 hosted an assembly. Our items were Paper Plate ice skating, Warren from South Adelaide Football Club, Kaleidoscope name art, Room 6’s Japanese song, The Green Team with a visit from Super Gecko, Pam with the Deputy Principal’s award and Mrs Leonard’s Certificates of Achievement.

The secret judge, who gave the Golden Ear award to Room 8, was in fact Sensei Schmitt! Better luck next time Room 13!

Our favourite item was the Paper Plate Ice Skating because Troy, one of the judges didn’t hold up numbers but held up things like a Cucumber, smiley faces, a banana and a blue circle. We think the Receptions really liked it too!


Emily and Jordan 😛

Ancient Chinese Kites

While learning about Ancient China we discovered they invented kites. Traditionally kites were painted as offerings to the gods. It was thought the kite would fly up  into the sky and the god in heaven would see it, instead of coming down to the temple.

Later on in China kites took on an even deeper meaning and developed into a festival of kites called “The Double Ninth Festival” (Ch’ing Yang). It was held on the ninth day of the ninth month: September 9th. On this day, kite flying is taken as a symbol of rising higher and higher, being better and better, stronger, smarter and finer in everything one does.

Here are the kites we made in our Technology lessons.

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Maths – 3D Shapes

Today our class started working out what 3D shape is the best for an ice cream container.

We talked about how many faces, vertices and edges the shapes had. For example a cube has 6 faces, 12 edges and 8 vertices. We also talked about if it can roll and if you could stack that shape. The other shapes we learnt about were rectangular prism, square based pyramid, triangular based pyramid and triangular prism.

The information we learnt in our groups, we had to take back to our home groups and share our work.

The other group made nets of different kinds of 3D shapes such as octagon and hexagon.

Thanks for listening,

Ella and Zoe 🙂

Truncated Octahedron

Last week when in Mrs Shep’s home math groups we made truncated octahedrons. Its took us only one lessons to make a truncated octahedron. We had to make a net and then constructed a truncated octahedron. We also guessed how many square faces and how many hexagonal. Our truncated octahedron was very small so the shape was quite small and complicated to construct. People in our group were Emma, Rebecca, Callum, Lee and Lucas. Our maths group only made two truncated octahedrons because it was confusing for some of us.


Emma & Rebecca